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Sudden Death and the Coroner

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Information Sections


  1. Who is the Coroner?
  2. When are deaths reported to Coroners?
  3. Deaths due to 'accidents'
  4. When can a death be registered?
  5. What is a post mortem? What are special examinations?
  6. Do all cases referred to the coroner require a post mortem?
  7. Can coroner's and consented post mortems be objected to or limited?
  8. When is the post mortem done?
  9. Can my relative be seen before and after a coroner's post mortem?   
  10. Will organs or tissue be retained after post mortem and special examinations?   
  11. Are pathologists' reports available after coroners' post mortem and special examinations?    
  12. When can the funeral be arranged?
  13. What is the relationship between the coroner and the police?
  14. What is an inquest?
  15. Who will be at the inquest?
  16. Can questions be asked at an inquest?
  17. Inquest Verdicts
  18. Inquest Records - Notes of Evidence
  19. Prevention of Further Deaths
  20. Medical Records - Access to Health Records Act 1990
  21. Legal Advice
  22. Making a claim for compensation in the civil courts
  23. Complaints about coroners' decisions or verdicts
  24. Complaints about the conduct of a coroner or coroner's officer
  25. Complaints about a doctor, hospital staff or clinical treatment  
  26. Specialist contacts for sudden death support and guidance
  27. Contacts for bereavement support and counselling
  28. Government Department and other agency addresses
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